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Unser aktuelles Programm (Stand 10/2003)

Fortsetzung ...

Power of Soul  Jimi Hendrix
Purple Haze  Jimi Hendrix
Red House  Jimi Hendrix
Red Morning Light  Kings of Leon
Rock and Roll  Led Zep
Run Run Run  ÜberKings
Scruttle Buttin  SRV
Sex Machine  James Brown
Shakin`all over  The Who
Substitute  The Who
Summertime Blues  The Who
Sunshine of your love  Cream
Sympathy for the devil  Rolling Stones
Tobacco Road  Eric Burdon & War
Too rolling stoned  Robin Trower
Waiting for the bus  ZZ top
What`s going    The Taste
White room  Cream
Yeehaw  ÜberKings
You can't always get (Medley)  Stones/Lou Reed/Joe Cocker/James Brown

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